Friday, February 25, 2011

US v 1LT :: Judge Alone (Iraq) - Jan 2011

CHARGES: Article 92 (4 Specs of prohibited relationship and 1 Spec of using email for unauthorized purpose); Article 93 (Sexual Harassment); Article 121 (2 Specs of Larceny [52" and 32" TVs and projectors [new items]); Article 130 (2 Specs of Housebreaking); Article 133 (Conduct Unbecoming an Officer and a Gentleman); Article 134 (4 Specs of Obstructing Justice)

PLEA: GUILTY to 1 Spec of Larceny, 1 Spec of Housebreaking, 3 Specs of Obstructing Justice; NOT GUILTY to balance of charges at GCM

PLEA DEAL: 13 months limit on confinement

RESULTS OF TRIAL: GUILTY in accordance with plea; dismissal of balance of charges

SENTENCE: 20 months confinement, Dismissal, TF

US Army

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