Tuesday, January 20, 2009

US v CPL :: Enlisted Panel - JMTC - Jan 2009

CHARGES: Article 121 (2 Specs of wrongful appropriation of two credit/debit cards and theft of money >$500 by use of stolen debit card); Article 112a (2 Specs of use of marijuana); Article 92 (Willful dereliction of duty for failing to report drug use while performing CQ duties)

PLEA: NOT GUILTY to all charges at GCM

RESULTS OF TRIAL: GUILTY to all charges and specifications

SENTENCE: 60 days confinement, 30 days hard labor without confinement, Reduction to E-1


Thursday, January 8, 2009

US v SPC :: Judge Alone - Dec 2008

CHARGES: Article 111 (Drunk Driving); Article 128 (Assault)

PLEA: GUILTY to Article 111 with Article 128 withdrawn per offer to plea guilty

PLEA DEAL: 9 months limit on confinement

SENTENCE: 6 months confinement, Reduction to E1, Forfeiture of $898 pay