Saturday, May 28, 2011

US v SSG :: Enlisted Panel - USD-Center - May 2011

CHARGES: Article 120 (1 spec of agg sexual contact, 1 spec indecent conduct, 1 spec indecent exposure); Article 120a (stalking); Article 92 (GO#1 violation for sending sexually explicit photo); Article 134 (1 spec of indecent language, 1 spec of unlawful entry)

PLEA: GUILTY to Article 92 and NOT GUILTY to all other charges/specifications at GCM


RESULTS OF TRIAL: NOT GUILTY of agg sexual contact, indecent conduct, stalking, and unlawful entry; GUILTY of indecent exposure, indecent language, and GO#1

SENTENCE: Reduction to E-5, 45 days of hard labor w/o confinement

US Army

Friday, May 27, 2011

US v SN :: Judge Alone - May 2011

CHARGES: Article 86 (1 spec 28 day AWOL terminated by apprehension); Article 107 (1 spec false official statement); Article 134 (1 spec bigamy, 1 spec wrongful subletting of gov qtrs)

PLEA: GUILTY to all charges at BCD SPCM

PLEA DEAL: time served (63 days)


SENTENCE: Reduction to E-1, FF of $1000/month x 2 months, 6 months confinement

US Navy

Friday, May 6, 2011

US v PO2 :: Judge Alone - Apr 2011

CHARGES: Art 92 (1 Spec fraternization); Art 107 (2 Specs False Official Statement); Art 111 (1 Spec DWI); Art 120 (1 Spec Aggrav Sexual Assault SI, 1 Spec Abusive Sexual Contact, 2 Specs Indecent Conduct); Art 134 (1 Spec Obstructing Justice, 1 Spec Adultery)

PLEA: NOT GUILTY to all charges at GCM

RESULTS OF TRIAL: GUILTY to Art 92, 120, 134; NOT GUILTY to Art 107 and Art 111

SENTENCE: 7 years confinement, DD, Reduction to E1

US Navy