Friday, February 5, 2010

US v SPC :: Officer Panel - V Corps - Dec 2009

CHARGES: Article 128 (2 Specs of Assault/Battery); Article 92 (2 Specs of violating no contact orders); Article 134 (Adultery); Article 112 (Drunk on Duty); Article 86 (Failure to report); Article 107 (False official statement)

PLEA: NOT GUILTY to all charges but GUILTY to lesser included offense of Article 134 (Drunk on station) and Article 86 (Failure to report) at SPCM

RESULTS OF TRIAL: GUILTY to 2 Specs of Article 128 and Article 134 (Judge dismissed Article 112, 2 Specs of Article 92, and Article 107)

SENTENCE: 4 months confinement, Reduction to E1, Forfeiture of $400 pay per month for 12 months, To be reprimanded

US Army

US v SPC :: Judge Alone - Jan 2010

CHARGE: Article 134 (5 Specs of possession of child porn)

PLEA: GUILTY to the charge at GCM

PLEA DEAL: 20 months limit on confinement

SENTENCE: 7 months confinement, BCD, Reduction to E1

US Army